Our Services

We are a specialist advisory firm focused on providing strategic and financial advice to the entertainment and media industry offering mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, capital raising, strategic planning and other financial advisory services


MEA brings to merger, acquisition and divestiture transactions:

  • Substantial knowledge of asset values
  • Outstanding relationships with entertainment and media constituents worldwide
  • Strong negotiation skills and execution experience

Mergers, acquisition and divestiture services provided by MEA include the following:

  • Developing acquisition, merger and divestiture strategies
  • Identifying potential buyers or acquisition targets
  • Developing forecasts and value indications
  • Preparing information memoranda and due diligence rooms
  • Managing and performing due diligence
  • Structuring and negotiating of transaction
  • Identifying and securing sources of financing
  • Coordinating legal, tax, accounting and other transaction-related activities
  • Merger integration


The value of media and entertainment assets can drop rapidly if not managed properly during an insolvency proceeding or if these assets are held by a highly leverage company. MEA has built a strong reputation in the market by helping various constituents maximizing their recoveries during these difficult times or bringing in turnaround management and performance improvement operating capabilities to help clients protecting and enhancing enterprise value. By bringing MEA into a a restructuring situation, a client will immediately benefit from MEA’s expertise and experience, which include:

  • Realistic view on asset values
  • Strong understanding of how to preserve asset values
  • Broad knowledge of various insolvency regimes
  • Hands-on experience to oversee the management of distressed companies
  • Extensive industry relationships which will be required to retain existing agreements critical to the company’s future
  • Unique insight into the market to find the best and most rewarding exit for our clients

As part of our restructuring practice, companies and investors turn to MEA when conventional approaches are not enough to activate change and achieve results. MEA provides a full range of services including:

  • Financial restructuring
  • Operational restructuring
  • Performance improvement
  • Asset administration
  • Asset sale or acquisition

Capital Raising

MEA is often called upon to clarify the risk and return attributes of loans and investments made by various constituents in the media and entertainment sector. As a result, MEA has developed unique relationships with many of these lenders and financial / strategic investors and can quickly assess the opportunities and challenges in raising capital for specific situations.

We provide our clients with a complete suite of services to assist with their capital raising efforts, including:

  • Analyzing capital needs
  • Advising on the current institutional investment parameters
  • Designing securities
  • Assisting in the preparation of confidential private placement memoranda
  • Managing the information distribution process and evaluating financing proposals
  • Identifying financing sources
  • Negotiating financial terms, conditions and covenants with financing sources
  • Reviewing all financing documents and assisting in the closing of a transaction

Strategic Planning

MEA provides consulting services in selected business planning, financing and M&A situations. MEA has developed and employed analytical techniques that have distinguished our capabilities from other advisors in the sector. Some of the services provided include:

  • Performing strategic reviews and portfolio reviews
  • Developing market-sizing analyses for new or undeveloped business concepts
  • Developing forecasts and business plans in support of transactions
  • Pre-IPO advisory services
  • Developing and implementing roll-up or scale-down plans

MEA’s analytical techniques have helped our clients to:

  • Better understand the risk and returns associated with their financial  or strategic investment
  • Gain negotiating leverage in transactions
  • Better manage their businesses and plan for the future

Financial Advisory

We provide valuation services in a broad array of situations and transactions. The general categories of such services include:

  • Business, asset and security valuations and opinions
  • Intellectual property valuations
  • Financing collateral opinions
  • Fairness opinions
  • Business, asset and security opinions